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Instantly parse documents and text from your emails and sync this data with your system of record. Retrofit to any stack.
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Test our API with your emails and documents. Simply upload a file, any associated text, and your destination schema.
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We don't store any of your information. The data is deleted immediately from our servers after each extraction.
Use Cases
The types of documents we support for logistics companies.
Streamline communications and prevent overcharges and fraud

Bill of Lading (BOL)
Instantly extract and ingest vital shipment details into your TMS.
Certificate of Origin (COC)
Ensure compliance by extracting exporter, importer, and HS code details.
Load Confirmation
Streamline scheduling and tracking with automated load information capture.
Shipment Manifests
Improve inventory management with accurate shipment data ingestion.
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Save time, improve data quality, and scale faster.
data entry automation
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